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Getting ready to travel Japan can be a bit overwhelming for first-time visitors. This guide will help you get a better understanding of the country’s customs, culture, and Wi-Fi connectivity before you fly. It also has practical advice and insider details to help you navigate the region.

Japan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and consistently ranks first for international tourism. Its appeal lies in its scenery, culture, a diverse range of food and entertainment, and overall stress-free environment. In fact, so many people want to travel to Japan from Australia that it has become expensive for some to do this. This means that many travelers are looking for cheaper tickets or other ways to take advantage of such an amazing destination.

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More about Japan

Japan Tourism

East Asia is home to Japan, a country formally known as Nihonkoku or Japan. It is bordered by the Sea of Japan and extends from the Sea of Okhotsk to the Philippines, Taiwan, and the East China Sea.

The Ring of Fire is a vast archipelago of over 377,975 islands in Japan. The main islands include Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku. Tokyo is the capital and largest city of the country, followed by Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Yokohama, and others.

Located in the eleventh most populous nation in the world, Japan is also one of the most urbanized and densely populated countries in the world. Due to its mountainous terrain, it has a population of 124.8 million. It is divided into eight traditional regions and 47 administrative prefectures. The Greater Tokyo Area, which is the largest metropolitan area in the country, has a population of more than 37 million.

Guides to Travel to Japan

Local Guides in Japan

Japan is a safe country for traveling. The country is huge and the main cities are very modern. This can sometimes be difficult for those not used to big cities or those who are new to traveling. For example, people who have never been to any big city before may feel frightened or disorientated. This can all be avoided by hiring a local travel guide, who will act as your personal guide through Japan so you don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the busy city! 

To hire a local tour guide in Japan, you can trust the people you hire through GoWithGuide, as they screen all of their guides and make sure that they’re competent and have the necessary experience to guide you. Most of them are certified professionals by the Japan Tourism Agency, and they’re knowledgeable about the places that they visit.

An alternative to hiring a travel guide locally is to plan your trip well beforehand. You can check out the SuperTravel app to plan your itinerary. 

Japan Travel Visa for Australian

When you travel to Japan, you must get a Japan visa. Without this, you can’t enter the country and you will be prevented from entering or staying in any of the main cities. You should make sure that you have the right documents before leaving your country to make sure that they are valid and accepted in Japan.

In response to the increasing number of business and short-stay tourists visiting Japan, the country has resumed its visa exemption program for those from Australia. Before you can travel to Japan, you must first register with Visit Japan Web and complete a variety of requirements. These include completing a health survey and providing a vaccination certificate. You will then need to show your QR code upon arrival.

If this is your first time traveling to Japan, here is a useful step-by-step guide from Melissa (GIRLEATWORLD) to walk you through the process of Visit Japan Web.

Japan Travel Packages

When you travel to Japan, it’s often cheaper to spend an extended period of time than it is flying somewhere else on a transit ticket (such as New Zealand or South East Asia). If your ticket home doesn’t include this, then you may want to consider getting a Japan package.

Japan Package Tours is a specialist in Australia’s Japan travel industry. They can help you plan your trip to the country by arranging all the necessary details, such as flights, accommodations, sightseeing tours, and Japan Rail passes. The two most popular places often visited by Australians are Tokyo and Osaka.

Tokyo Travel Package

Tokyo is considered to be one of the most exciting cities in the world. The tour package usually includes two different guided tours, which will allow you to explore the city’s various attractions and  Hakone. Hakone is a beautiful resort town located at the base of Mount Fuji. Typical Tokyo tour packages range from 4 to 5 days.

Many Australians travel to Tokyo through direct flights or international transfer points from other cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Most of the time, these travelers will use a Japan Rail pass to return to Tokyo on their final day before flying back to Australia. This pass allows them to board a direct plane home the day before their departure. Japan Package Tours will always recommend a tailor-made itinerary that fits the flight’s arrival and departure times.

Osaka Travel Package

Another popular entry point for tourists wanting to visit Japan is the city of Osaka. It is regarded as one of the country’s largest cities and has two major shopping areas, Dotonbori and Umeda. It is also known for its modern architecture and nightlife. It’s also a great base for exploring nearby cities such as Kyoto and Nara. A 4-day Osaka travel package is good enough to explore nearby cities.

Travel Insurance for Japan

Even though Japan is generally safe, accidents can still occur in the country. Having travel insurance can help cover the various risks that can arise during a trip to Japan, such as getting sick, missing a flight, or having your luggage lost. It’s important to consider this type of insurance if you have plans to visit the country.

Travel insurance can help you get back on track after an injury or illness, and it can also help you recover from the loss of your property. It can cover the medical expenses that you incurred while traveling, as well as the emergency assistance that you need in the event that your plans have been canceled or you need to be evacuated. Unfortunately, Australia’s government can’t help you immediately in every situation overseas.

However, if you don’t have travel insurance that protects you when something happens abroad, you could be stranded in a foreign country with very little help. This is why many Australians go over and above by taking out extra insurance while they are traveling. Such as replacement policies and personal accident insurance.

For first-time visitors to Japan, you can compare 3 quotes from comparethemarket, Budget Direct and 1Cover Travel Insurance.

Travel Japan Marketplace

Japan Travel Marketplace

While you are traveling in Japan, you may want to stop off at the local market to buy some fresh fruit or other snacks to make sure that your energy levels stay up. However, if you don’t understand the local language for asking for simple things then it can be hard to do this.

This is why many people hire professional Japanese translators who can talk with them in their own language and help them order food and drink from a menu that they wouldn’t normally be able to understand. If you do not hire a local guide, you can consider renting a translation device in Japan.

Tsukiji Outer Market (Tokyo)

The wholesale market of Tokyo’s Tsukiji closed in 2018. Its neighboring market, which is known as the Tsukiji Outer Market, still serves fresh seafood and other food items to its customers. The Tsukiji Outer Market is located near the former Tsukiji wholesale market with a variety of retail shops and restaurants along narrow lanes. It also has produce and seafood counters.

A visit to the Tsukiji Outer Market is recommended for lunch or a fresh seafood breakfast. It is also a great place to enjoy a variety of food items, such as seafood sandwiches and fresh sushi. Most of the fish that are sold at this market comes from Toyosu Market. The restaurants in this area are usually open from 5:00 to noon.

Toyosu Market (Tokyo)

In 2018, the Toyosu Market took over the business of the aging Tsukiji Market in the Bay of Tokyo. This massive wholesale market features observation decks and restaurants. It provides visitors with an opportunity to see the market action and have a meal at one of its many modern establishments.

The Shijo-mae Station’s wholesale market features three main buildings, which are divided into two for seafood and one for vegetables and fruits. These buildings are connected by walkways and have observation windows that let tourists see the action from different vantage points.

Kuromon Market (Osaka)

The Osaka’s Kitchen is a large shopping arcade located in the city’s Minami area, which is called the Kuromon Market. It features various restaurants and shops that sell fresh seafood, vegetables, and meat. The market is 600 meters long.

Kumoron market is made up of around 150 shops that mainly sell meat, fish, and produce. Other shops also offer various types of sweets and homeware. This area dates back to the Edo Period and is an atmospheric place where people can try different street food.

One of the most appealing features of the market is its ability to provide both larger and smaller portions of food. This allows customers to enjoy their food while they’re waiting for it. Some of the commonly offered food items include seafood, such as oysters, crabs, and taro, as well as seasonal fruits and other items.

The market can get crowded during the day. To avoid getting accosted by customers, it’s advised that you avoid walking while eating street food and keep your garbage and food clean. Some locals have also criticized the behavior of tourists, who often behave in an inconsiderate manner.

Travel Japan Sim Card

Japan Travel SIM card

You’ll be able to use your phone while traveling in Japan if you purchase a prepaid sim card before leaving Australia. This is to avoid getting stuck without phone service over there. This is a good idea as it can be hard to get roaming/IDD coverage in some areas of the country.

Alternately, you can buy a top-up card once you arrive in Japan and then you’ll be able to use your phone as much as you want on the prepaid sim until it runs out.

Japan Prepaid Travel SIM AUD 35.00 (Buy and Ship in Australia)

If you are traveling to Japan for less than a week, you can consider Japan Prepaid Travel SIM. They offer free standard shipping within Australia.

What’s included?

  • 6GB of data
  • 4G data speed
  • Hotspot/tethering enabled
  • 12 days of usage once activated
  • 3-in-1 SIM size (nano, micro & standard)
  • Roams freely in 13 countries (see ‘where it works’ below)
  • Comes with a SIM tray opener

Things to know

  • Simple plug & play activation
  • No ID registration needed
  • No calls or texts included (data only SIM)
  • Works on all unlocked devices (mobile phones, tablets & wifi devices)
  • This SIM is with China Unicom, network texts will be in Chinese
  • No recharges available – this is a one-time use SIM

Sakura Mobile Unlimited 4G Data SIM AUD 43.35 (Buy online, collect in Japan)

For unlimited data to share between your friends and family, you can opt for Sakura Mobile. Purchase online from Klook and you can select your pick up location in Japan.


Validity: 8-31 days

Internet speed: 4G, 3G

Service type: Data only

Coverage area: Whole of Japan

Data limit: Unlimited

SIM card size: Normal, Nano, Micro

Hotspot Sharing: Yes

Travel from Australia to Japan

You can travel from Australia to Japan without VISA if you are an Australian citizen. However, if you aren’t an Aussie then you need to check for more information on MOFA to travel from Australia to Japan. You will be exempted for Visa application if you are from these 68 countries.

Travel Japan Tips

A Japanese welcome is called “Okyakusama”, which means guest or customer, and this makes up their very own culture of hospitality. They have retained this tradition for over the centuries. It is something that many visitors would like to take advantage of when they first come to Japan and are treated well.

Do not be afraid your welcome will be warm no matter where you travel in Japan. The Japanese people here take great pride in making sure that your stay is memorable and satisfying.

10 Tips to Travel Japan

1. Do not be afraid of getting lost. As long as you try to ask around, you will be able to find your way.

2. Take public transport. Japan is a very modern country with an infrastructure that makes it easy for tourists to get around without having to spend a lot of money.

3. Ask for help. The Japanese are very respectful of your privacy and they will leave you alone unless they are invited in by you or unless they feel that it is more polite to speak with them.

4. Take advantage of free Internet access when traveling in Japan. Due to the efforts of governments and businesses, there has been a steady increase in the number of public Wi-Fi networks that are free for tourists. These networks can be found at various places such as airports, railway stations, and major tourist information centers.

5. Experience local tea and Kimono. The Japanese people take great pride in their tea ceremonies and they will happily offer you some if you ask them to. They are also very proud of their kimono and would be happy to show you around the local area where they are sold.

6. Forget about toilet papers. In Japan, some toilets are more elaborate than those found in other developed countries. While some European nations have separate toilets and separate bidets, Japan features an electronic bidet. As of March 2016, over 80% of households in the country have a bidet toilet. It may come with various advanced features that aren’t commonly seen elsewhere. The basic features of these are anal hygiene, seat warming, deodorization, and washing.

7. Eat with hands. If you want to do this then make sure that your hands are clean and wash them before eating. Most people in Japan eat their food with their hands. When it comes to nigiri or single-portioned fish or meat sushi, it’s regarded as an acceptable choice.

8. Experience onsen in Japan. In Japan, there are numerous springs. Onsen facilities commonly display the type of water that they use based on the chemicals or minerals found in it. For many years now, people have been believing that mineral water can have health benefits. If you have tattoos on you, please check before going as 56% of the onsen operators have barred bathers with tattoos.

9. Take a bow. It is traditional for the Japanese to bow when they meet new people and especially when they say goodbye to each other.

10. Be polite. Be respectful to the local customs and traditions just as you would anywhere else in the world and you will have a great time while you travel around Japan without fear of offending anyone by not knowing how to act while you are there!

Budget to Travel Japan

Japan is a very interesting destination for budget travelers because even though the country has a reputation for being extremely expensive and having high prices, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

In fact, you can often find very inexpensive hotels and meals in Japan and if you do your research beforehand then there are many ways to keep costs down when traveling to Japan.

Budget of Accommodation in Japan

One of the best ways to keep your budget down while you travel in Japan is to make sure that you look for hostels that are in areas where there are very few tourists. By looking in these areas, you will have a better chance of finding a place that is cheaper than those where it really is full of Western tourists all the time as they tend to be more expensive.

You could also consider finding a cheap hotel in one of the cities, such as Tokyo or Kyoto and making sure that you don’t stay too close to them so as not to be charged an inflated price because too many people are using the same rooms!

From 2000 yen to 5000 yen:

Low budget ccommodation in Japan typically costs around 2,000 to 5,000 Yen per night, and hostels and dorms are available in most areas. There are also many booking sites that provide great deals for backpackers.

From 6000 yen to 15000 yen:

There are many types of hotels at this price level, including business hotels, hostels, and no-frills ryokans. Some tour packages also feature Western-style accommodation. You can get a single or double room with this budget per night.

From 15000 yen onwards:

You can get a room at a good business hotel for around 12,000 yen to 18,000 yen per person. For a stay at a ryokkan, which includes two meals, you can expect to spend around 30,000 yen to 42,000 yen per night. For a room at a Western style hotel, which is typically around 20,000 to 50,000 per night, you’ll pay around 30,000 yen to 60000 yen.

Budget of Meals in Japan

Food is one of the most important things when it comes to traveling on a budget as you don’t want to spend your vacation hungry. The good news is that at most restaurants in Japan, you can eat very well without spending a lot of money.

sushi japan travel

You can often find specials posted outside of restaurants that are good deals and if you just order drinks with your meal then you should never have to worry about having too little to eat when you travel around Japan.

A meal can range from 500 yen from a convenience store up to 5000 yen from a high class restaurant.

Budget of Transportation in Japan

Transportation expenses are often high for a lot of travelers because they don’t do enough research before their trip but there are ways to cut down on transportation costs without making any sacrifices in your vacation experience.

For instance, you could choose to travel during off peak hours, as this is when trains are less crowded. At this timing, you can travel comfortably without having to ride a taxi. Japan Rail Pass is a popular option for traveler travelling Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and wherever else your travels take you.

Travel Japan Transportation

The Japan Rail Pass is a great way for travelers to visit various cities in the country, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and more. It can also be used for those planning on using public transportation, such as Shinkansen and trains. Public transportation is convenient and widespread in Japan, making it an ideal choice for many people.

A Japan Rail Pass costs 29,110 yen for 7 days. If you plan to take the green car (first class train seat), it will be slightly more expensive at 38,880 yen for 7 days. Children aged between 6 to 11 will be entitled for 50% off.

Currency Exchange Before Traveling to Japan

Currency exchange for Japan travel

One of the best things that you can do to save money while you travel in Japan is to make sure that you exchange some money before you go. While it is possible to exchange money at the bank, it is often better to look for smaller exchanges or foreign currency stores as they will have better rates on their currency.

WISE card for Japan ATM Withdrawal

Also, consider getting your Japanese yen from ATM machines using WISE as they often have some of the best rates around! WISE cards issued in Australia allow you to withdraw money for free up twice within the same month. The card’s conditions are that the total withdrawal amount is less than 350 AUD. However, after that, a fee of AUD 1.50 is charged for every transaction. If you withdraw more than 350 dollars in a month, the fee is 1.75% percent on top of AUD1.50.


Traveling in Japan can be good as long as you are prepared. The key is to know what you want to do and then arrange your itinerary according to your budget.

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