Flipper Zero

The Flipper Zero is a hacking multi-tool that is designed to seem like a child’s toy and is emblazoned with an image of a loving dolphin. This gadget is manufactured by the Flipper Store. The Flipper is loaded with a wide variety of sensors, chips, and antennae, which enables you to engage in some fun mischief with a wide variety of devices, ranging from security gates to card readers.

Features of Flipper Zero

The Flipper Zero could seem to be a child’s plaything to someone who isn’t familiar with it. It’s a little gadget made of orange and white plastic, and the display, which is 1.4 inches and monochromatic orange, has a dolphin that behaves like a Tamagotchi.

In point of fact, though, the Flipper Zero is a multi-tool that may fulfill a variety of your hacking requirements. It is able to connect with devices that have a frequency lower than one gigahertz, such as older garage doors; low- and high-frequency RFID; NFC cards; devices that use infrared; and even Bluetooth.

125KHz antenna

You are able to read, clone, and simulate older prox cards with the help of the 125kHz antenna. In combination with the NFC module, it is able to read, write, and mimic low- and high-frequency Near Field Communication (NFC) devices such as tap cards. In addition, it is able to acquire knowledge about any IR device on the go, thanks to the infrared transceiver.

USB attacks

On top of everything else, the Flipper gives you the ability to conduct BadUSB attacks by linking the device to a computer through USB and executing a wide variety of Ducky Scripts. You may do this simply by attaching the device to the computer.


The Flipper zero may be purchased from the Amazon shop with a price tag of 279 dollars. When you consider all that this handy tool can do, the cost is actually rather reasonable. So, what are you waiting for? Utilize this little piece of technology to launch your career in the digital world and go on to achieve great success with it!

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